Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nanako-san Teki na Nichijou RE, chp. 16-20

• Link: [4dawgz]

More Nanako!? Actually, 4dawgz had the editing done and released this one a few days ago, but I've been away all week. :0 Oops!

In unrelated other news, Remora Works' legal rep. is being a jackass. Seriously, Mr. Takashi Mura, just like the disclaimer has always stated, I'll respect your and any author's wishes and remove content from this blog willingly if you just ask me to. But really, reporting that old  FUTACOLO-CG post to blogger, even after I stripped all the links from it? Dude, there's nothing on that post anymore. Drop it already!

Aaaand, I went on a music-obtaining spree and got a bunch of shiny new "indie" music. Unfortunately nothing really connected with me though. Any musical suggestions?



Title: Nanako-san teki na Nichijou RE 「菜々子さん的な日常RE」

 Artist: Keisuke Kawara 「瓦敬助」
English version editing: