Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Learning with Centaur Girls: Introduction to the Thoroughbred

Link: [4dawgz]
(Note: Sexual Content)

Say what? You want psuedo-history and some wikipedia plagiarism mixed with a little bit of centaur girl pr0n?

Well, today's your lucky day then.

4dawgz was kind enough to proofread these walls of text for me! Walls of text about...horseracing.

Also, MediaFire just shut down my account. MediaFire, I thought we were friends. :(
 So, all releases numbered 200 and below are now unavailable here. (Yes, it took me 200 releases to realize all eggs in one basket may not be such a hot idea.)

I re-upped the repacks, but I don't have any real plans to re-up anything else, as you can find most of the stuff from this blog in other places if you know how to use google. If there's something you want but can't find it anywhere else, then drop me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

So, does anyone know any file hosting places that are cool? Because MediaFire just ain't cool anymore.


Lunch with a Succubus Swordswoman

• Link: [4dawgz]
 (Note: Explicit Sexual Content)

More Hroz, edited by 4dawgz and translated by me!
Apparently this is Hroz's 34th comic. I lost count how many we've translated to far.

But Hroz's succubi never get old.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yuzuruha's Meddling

• Link: [4dawgz]
 (Note: Explicit Sexual Content)

What's this!? Another Muramasa: The Demon Blade doujin!?
Why yes!  4dawgz did double-time editing to bring you this double demon blade release!


Oboro Mura Mura

• Link: [4dawgz]
(Note: Explicit Sexual Content)

Muramasa: Demon Blade doujin time!
With editing by the daring 4dawgz !!!

I confess, I've barely played this game. It's still sitting in my game collection (2,000 miles away), but I think I played all of maybe 30 minutes before never coming back.
It's an insanely beautiful-looking game (like all vanillaware) but the gameplay just wasn't enough to keep me playing.

But, those kitsune girls...

I'd be interested in Dragon's Crown if the character designs weren't so in-your-face and over-the-top sexed up. And, if I had a PS3 or Vita.  : /


Friday, January 18, 2013

Paraiso Fifty

If only it actually did.
• Link: [MediaFire]
(Note: Non-H)

A little more Dowman.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Blade Play, chp. 17

Link: [MediaFire]
(Note: Sexual Content)

Ohhhh!! Blade Play vol. 03 begins.

So, according to the wildly scientific poll on the right, you guys really dig Voynich the most, followed by Blade Play.

I guess I should have been a little more clear, when I said "best translation" I was really talking about source material, not how well I translated it or not. Oh well.
 Thanks to anyone who took the time to vote!

Well, vol. 02 of voynich is supposed to come out Feb. 20th!! I'm hoping it shows up soon after that on the interwebs, because I don't have a scanner anymore.

It also occurred to me,  since vol. 02 is about to come out, what's running in Young Champion RETSU right now is what will end up being in vol. 03 in the future. If someone starts buying and scanning those right now, we'll have them to translate as soon as vol. 02 is over and could continue as they're published, meaning there won't be another massive wait for voynich after we're done with vol. 02 like there was when we finished vol. 01.



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DS 04

• Link : [MediaFire]
(Note: includes Futanari)

 This download is not a copy of the game. It does not contain any of the game's original files. The download available here consists solely of my unofficial interpretation of the events of the game. A full retail version of the game is required for use, and is available for purchase here: [DLsite]

A real short VN, the 4th in the series.

Wh-Why did you make that, animal trainer friend!?

Haaaaappy new year.


Happy New Year.

Hey there. Yep, it's 2013. That's pretty crazy. I never even got used to writing '2012' when having to write the date. My perception of time is as sketchy as ever. Before it always seemed like the numeral gregorian year designation defined the year for me. Lately it just seems like a ticker on the bottom of the screen as things just keep happening way too fast.

But whatever.

So, I was looking back at my first post of 2012. Good times. I actually covered a lot more ground translation-wise than I expected since then.

Click the [info] link for a lengthy recount of the highlights and commentary on stuff from 2012~!!
Oh, come along with me on a trip down memory blog lane!!