Monday, January 14, 2013

Blade Play, chp. 17

Link: [MediaFire]
(Note: Sexual Content)

Ohhhh!! Blade Play vol. 03 begins.

So, according to the wildly scientific poll on the right, you guys really dig Voynich the most, followed by Blade Play.

I guess I should have been a little more clear, when I said "best translation" I was really talking about source material, not how well I translated it or not. Oh well.
 Thanks to anyone who took the time to vote!

Well, vol. 02 of voynich is supposed to come out Feb. 20th!! I'm hoping it shows up soon after that on the interwebs, because I don't have a scanner anymore.

It also occurred to me,  since vol. 02 is about to come out, what's running in Young Champion RETSU right now is what will end up being in vol. 03 in the future. If someone starts buying and scanning those right now, we'll have them to translate as soon as vol. 02 is over and could continue as they're published, meaning there won't be another massive wait for voynich after we're done with vol. 02 like there was when we finished vol. 01.




Published in: Blade Play, Vol. 03 「ぶれいどぷれい」
Artist: Aomaru Seta 「瀬田青丸」


 Poll: Best translation on this blog from 2012!?

The Voynich Hotel, vol. 01
  36 (35%)
Captive Market
  9 (8%)
Summer Vacation
  2 (1%)
The Tale of a Cowgirl on a Farm
  1 (0%)
Nickelodeon [Red]
  8 (7%)
Blade Play, vol. 01
  32 (31%)
Futanari Gym Teacher Morita Ritsuko
  5 (4%)
All them Hroz manga
  8 (7%)
All 366 days were horribleness.
  1 (0%)