Monday, June 4, 2012

Ayame and Amane, 2010-05, 07, 08

• Link: [MediaFire]
(Note: Non-H)

6 more pages of Ayame and Amane from my HD that I seriously thought I uploaded a long time ago. But...apparently not. So here they are now!
Some more Ayame and Amane are here and here.

In other news, there wasn't an Oddman 11 chapter in the last issue of Comic Hotmilk, but there is in the next month's.
Although, I didn't see any scans of the last issue of Hotmilk floating around either, is no one scanning anymore? Does this mean we won't get anymore oddman 11!? I seriously hope this is not the case, as what little I've seen of the next Oddman chapter just makes me love Shiraishi even more, if that was possible.

Also, MediaFire is being a huge pain with uploads. More than usual. I can't get anything up through my browser anymore, not even super small files. Things go fine with MediaFire Express, though. Is this just me? Perhaps a ploy to push Express perpetrated by MediaFire itself!? :0

And Blogspot's one-click editing buttons are gone!!? Why!? So many questions, so little answers...



Title: Ayame and Amane 「あやめとあまね」
Artist: Dowman Sayman 「道漫晴明」
Published in: Comic Megastore H 2010-05, 07, 08 「コミックメガストアH」