Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Phantom Valentine

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(Note: Explicit Sexual Content)

More The End of Sexual Instinct and the Hydrogen Bomb War.

Also, awesome news about Nickelodeon, donations were enough to order scene 14, 16, and 17. Unfortunately there wasn't any stock left of the issue with scene 15 in it. :/
I just barely got my order in for scene 14, 'cause I think Amazon Japan is out of stock now.

Anyway, what that means is I should have the raws by the end of the week!

More info under the [info] » link.

Donations didn't quite go the way I had hoped they would. Ideally, I was hoping a percentage of the individuals downloading these Dowman translations and had access to a  PayPal account could all chip in a few dollars or so, so no one person would be spending too much. Instead, I got a few incredibly generous donors. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, a huge thanks goes to those that donated. I'm very excited for the fact that thanks to you guys I'll be able to translate 3 more scenes from Nickelodeon!!
But I did think it would be more fair to everyone if we all just pitched in a little bit instead though. Oh well.

Of course, if you'd still like to donate to get more raws of Dowman's Nickelodeon, then by all means, please feel free to do so. While I've ordered all the other scenes of Nickelodeon that are currently available, a new scene comes out roughly every month. Any donations I receive now will go towards new scenes as they come out. The price for each scene will vary depending on how we ship them, but if we go for 2 issues of Monthly IKKI every 2 months, the price comes out to about $28 a scene. I've said it before, that's a lot for the 8 pages of Nickelodeon that's inside, but again, if we all just spared a dollar or so...



Title: Phantom Valentine 「ファントムバレンタイン」
Artist: Dowman Sayman 「道漫晴明」
Published in: The End of Sexual Instinct and the Hydrogen Bomb War 「最後の性本能と水爆戦」