Sunday, May 27, 2012

Delinquent Drinker

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(Note: Non-H)

• Scenes 16 is here.
• Scenes 14 is here.
• Scenes 1-13 are here.

Scene 17 of Dowman Sayman's Nickelodeon, the last scene that I have raws for!! As always, if anyone out there who didn't donate last time wants to donate to keep the Nickelodeon translations flowing, check out this page.
The issue of Monthly IKKI that has Nickelodeon scene 18 just came out.

Once again I have to say thanks to all the donors that got us these scenes!

Title: Nickelodeon, Scene 17: Delinquent Drinker「飲酒番長」
Artist: Dowman Sayman (道満晴明)
Published In: Monthly IKKI, 2012-05 「月刊イッキ」
Donors: Sighborg009, Tyler Root, Sol-Tree, and Anonymous Donors