Monday, October 31, 2011

Inumimi Zukan , chp 1 to 6

It's the first 6 chapters of everybody's favorite inumimi book!!

I think I've seen at least 2 versions of the first few chapters translated already, but I'm going to be translating the whole book, so I just started from the beginning!!

Seeing as today is Halloween, it probably would've been cooler if I did the Halloween-themed chapter from this book. uh... sorry about that.

Let's hope the other things you do today have a more appropriately festive theme. Also, the 'D' key on my laptop broke, and it's kin_ of har_ to _o without it. :(

11.11.01 - Update: typo fixes. 

 Inumimi Zukan, Erocyclopedia of Doggy Style (complete + After~): [MediaFire]

• Inumimi Zukan, Erocyclopedia of Doggy Style, chp 1 to 6: [MediaFire]

 • Chapters 19 to 24
 •  Chapters 13 to 18
 •  Chapters 7 to 12

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