Friday, October 21, 2011

Elh and Red (Solatorobo)

A Solatorobo doujin a friend gave me the raws to and asked for a translation a while back.^^

Unfortunately, I've never played the English version of Solatorobo, so I'm not familiar with the speech patterns used in the actual game. But Elh is always pretty polite when she speaks in the Japanese version so I kind of tried to preserve that.

And man, speaking of Elh, she is really, really cute...
Although she has to be lying. :0 I mean come on you felineko, you been living how long and you nevah even done it once? I call bluff!!

The gameplay in Solatorobo is a little boring, and never a challenge. But its story more than makes up for it with its characters. If you've never heard of the game and have a DS I suggest checking it out. ^^
Though sometimes I think it's kind of a shame the DS can't show off a lot of the hand-drawn artwork for the NPC sprites scattered around the cities. The artists obviously put a lot of work into the designs and illustrations, but the DS' screen can't always provide a resolution to match that. >_<

Well, you've probably already figured out this is furry, so if that freaks you out don't download!!

But, the story is  pretty sincere and earnest, which is fun. And did I mention how cute Elh is...?

• Elh and Red: [MediaFire]

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