Monday, October 24, 2011

[Non-H] Paraiso Forty-One

Oh look, another Dowman Sayman comic! You may have caught on by now I am a pretty big Dowman Sayman fan.

Like Sexual Instinct and the Hydrogen Bomb War, Paraiso isn't H. But it is kinda vulgar sometimes. There's only about 4 pages of 4koma in this one. That's all I could find on the internets.
I don't have the first volume of Paraiso, but I want it. Not really for translating, but just 'cause I wanna read it. :X

As a side note, I'm looking for an old H-Manga about a group of pig-girls. :0 The kicker is that I have no idea what it was called, or who the artist was. All I remember was the same manga was floating around a long time ago with the file name of "a traveling band of catgirls is waylaid and raped," even though like I said, it was about pig-girls, not catgirls. I don't think a catgirl even showed up. >_< Anyway, if anyone has any info about it, I'd really appreciate it.

• Paraiso Forty-One [MediaFire]

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