Friday, December 2, 2011

Inumimi Zukan, chp. 19 to 24

 Whaaat!? It's dogs 19 to 24 of Inuburo's Inumimi Zukan!

This one picks up right where chp. 18 left off, with Yamakawa and his buddy Morikawa scoring with some papillon inumimi twins. Well, Morikawa is scoring, Yamakawa is trying.

It also has the first appearance of the Shiba-ken inumimi miko! Like I said last time, I think the Ainu-ken girl is the cutest, but this one's not so bad either...

Inumimi Zukan, Erocyclopedia of Doggy Style (complete + After~): [MediaFire]

• Inumimi Zukan, Erocyclopedia of Doggy Style, chp 19 to 24: [MediaFire]

Chapters 13 to 18
Chapters 7 to 12
• Chapters 1 to 6

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