Monday, December 12, 2011

Inumimi Zukan, chp. 25 to 30

 Wait, is that...? Oh, never mind--No wait it is! Chapters 25 to 30 of Inuburo's Inumimi Zukan!!
Man, Finally!!

A lot of stuff going on in this one. Minatsu fails to get laid once again, and we get to see how Minatsu's brother first hooked up with his wife. Something in Morikawa's past might be the reason he can't seem to stay committed to a relationship for more than 5 minutes and treats inumimi women like objects, and then a restaurant's secret to good food isn't what you would expect (or maybe you would, considering the medium of this story?).
Maru gets taught how to distinguish the gender of a rhinoceros beetle, and to top it all off, that cute alcoholic Ainu-ken girl with a crush on Minatsu and a tendency to vomit at the most inconvenient times epically fails at confessing her feelings once more!

Just one more installment, and we'll be done with the entire book.

On a side note, it's December, which means the holidays are coming up, and so is the end of the year. Maybe we should all take this time to appreciate our fellow neighbors and friends, reflect on the happenings of this year, and set goals for the next. And slack off too, if your finals are finally over.

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Ohhh yeah,  also, if you happen to catch any typos or mistakes in these or past Inumimi Zukan chapters, I'd appreciate you taking the time to let me know. ;)

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