Monday, April 30, 2012

[NEWS] Nickelodeon, Group Projects

 So, doesn't look like there's really a whole lot of interest in getting any more of Dowman Sayman's Nickelodeon serialization translated. Despite that, I really, really want to, so I'm putting up a donation page anyway for anyone who feels the same. :P

Lots more under the [info] link.

Unfortunately, it's insane expensive to ship internationally from Amazon Japan. -_-
With shipping fees, it'll be roughly $40 dollars a month for each issue of Monthly IKKI, and that's with rounding down and me covering a bit of shipping fees. Considering each scene from Nickelodeon is only 8 pages long, that's $5 a page. >:0
However, since there are 3 issues of IKKI currently already on sale, if I can get enough to buy all 3 issues at once I can ship them together, and then it'll work out to "only" $25 an issue.
(Does anyone know where I can buy IKKI and get better international shipping rates?)

But, if you like Dowman Sayman as much as I do... It's kinda worth it. If everyone who downloaded the repack of Nickelodeon [Red] donated 50¢ each, we'd have enough to cover the currently available scenes 14 to 16, and have some left over for future issues. If everyone who downloaded Heart Food donated 50¢ each,we'd be good for a very long time. :d

Okay, so that will never happen. But, what I'm trying to say is if you enjoy Dowman Sayman's work, maybe consider chipping in a few pennies. If everyone did, we'd be able to pull this off. Alternatively, if anyone out there can purchase Monthly IKKI off the stands and provide scans for the 8 pages a month, that'd work too.

Additionally, since I've put up a page for donating to Nickelodeon, I thought I might as well give in and make it a group donation funded projects page as well. I'm sure everyone out there already knows how this works, but the commission fees for projects on this page will be funded by anyone who feels like pitching in for them. If you want to donate to a project, e-mail me and let me know.

If you want to suggest a project to put up there, just e-mail me the raws and I'll consider it. If it's something that I kinda like (i.e. something in the same field as most other things on this blog) I'll probably throw it up there. If it's something I'm not really into myself, nothing personal against you, but I might not put it up there. :/

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