Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Voynich Hotel, Vol. 01, chp. 01

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(Note: Non-H)

Oh yeah! Another manga by Dowman Sayman.
I'm going to try doing this one a little differently than usual. The chapters of this book are very short, as each chapter was published as a serial in Young Champion RETSU. There are 26 chapters in this volume, and I'll post a chapter a day as I work through the book.

Although... I guess if you don't want to deal with the chapter-by-chapter release, then just come back in 26 days and the volume will be complete. ;)

The comic itself takes place on the island country of Blefuscu, and centers around the individuals who all end up staying at the same hotel. While the story drifts in and out of a rather large cast of characters, the biggest players in the book are Taizou, a young man who's just checked into the hotel for the first time; and Elena, who, along with Beluna, work as the hotel's maids, although they might be up to something else as well.

I'll admit it starts out kind of slow and random. But I promise things start to get more interesting as it goes. While it's not H, it is also not All-Ages. By the time we're done with this volume, mature elements will end up being referenced here and there, some more brief than others.



Title: The Voynich Hotel, Vol. 01 「ヴォイニッチホテル」

Artist: Dowman Sayman 「道満晴明」