Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's Believe Again!

 • Link can be found at: [4dawgz]

Teamwork guys, it's all about the teamworks!!

Huge thanks goes to 4dawgz for cleaning, editing, and being supah cool about it the entire time. There's also a Mashiro-iro Symphony doujin released today over at 4dawgz('s?) blog too, so maybe you wanna check that out as well.

This one's about a fading fox-spirit who decides to visit an old friend when her shrine isn't doing so well. Then of course things start getting interesting.

Until next time,


Title: Let's Believe Again! 「信仰を復活せよ!」

Artist: Shinobe 「しのべ」

Published In: PLUM FE vol. 4

English version editing by: 4dawgz []