Saturday, February 11, 2012

Agricultural Idol Bekko

• Link: [MediaFire]

It's another cow-girl manga, Ahahaha.

...Hahahaha. Seriously, it is.

At least this one breaks out of the farm-hand-on-a-farm setup and puts the cow-girl in an idol position.
But she's not doing so well popularity-wise, so her manager devises a special publicity stunt. You know what that means.

While I like this one better than 'Tale of a Cowgirl on a Farm,' I still think 'Moo Moo Farm' is the best, as far as cow-eared girls go.

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Title: Agricultural Idol Bekko 「農耕系アイドルべっこちゃん」

Artist: Mutsutake 「睦茸」

Published In: Comic Unreal Extra Vol. 1 「別冊コミックアンリアル」