Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oddman 11, chp. 06

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(Note: Non-H)
Chp. 5
Chp. 4
Chp. 3
Chp. 1 + 2

Ohhhh yeah!!! Chapter 6 of Dowman Sayman's Oddman 11!!
Man, Dowman's older stuff, like Sexual Instinct, is good and all, but Oddman 11 is so beast.

I like reading comics, but I don't think of myself as that big of a comic aficionado, to tell you the truth. Whenever I see a new Oddman 11 chapter though, I get giddy. Like a freaking school girl. They're always such a breath of fresh air.

Title: Oddman 11 「オッドマン11」
Artist: Dowman Sayman 「道満晴明」
Published in: Comic Hotmilk、2012-09 「コミックホットミルク」