Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Voynich Hotel, vol. 01

• Volume 01 (complete): [MediaFire]
(Note: Non-H)

So... unfortunately, this is where the first volume ends. Just like that.
But, I did a little searching, and there is some good news:
The Voynich Hotel is still going.

I thought for sure it was dropped. But it seems it's never stopped. It's still appearing regularly (well, as regular as it ever was,) in Young Champion RETSU magazine. It looks like an additional 16 chapters have been published after the first volume, bringing the total chapter count to 42.

But unfortunately, there are no raw scans of recent years of RETSU going around that I know of. :( And since there's only 16 new chapters so far, the 2nd volume being published is probably still a year off, at least.

If anyone out there has access to issues or scans of RETSU and can hook me up, you know I'd be happy to translate.

The issues of RETSU that are listed as containing Voynich Hotel chapters after chp. 26 can be found under the [info] link.

Chapters 27 and after:
[Young Champion RETSU magazine] 「ヤングチャンピオン烈」

Issue No. 3 (released Feb.)  (chp.42)
No.2 (Jan)

No.10 (Sep)
No.9 (Aug)
No.8 (Jul)
No.7 (Jun)
No.5 (April)
No.4 (Mar)
No.3 (Feb)
No.2 (Jan)
No.1 (Dec, 2010)

No.12 (Nov)
No.11 (Oct)
No.10 (Sep) (center color)
No.9 (Aug)
No.8 (Jul) (chp. 27)
Art/Story: Dowman Sayman 「道満晴明」