Monday, August 12, 2013

It's the Scanlation Song!!

Link: [MediaFire]

Yes, this is not a scanlation release, but a release of a song about scanlation releases.

Written by me, performed/recorded by When Up Is Down.
I wrote the outro for the mosh pit. Head bang with me!!

Lyrics under the [info] link.



I am translating
all the pages I have
But I am going to lose it
If someone does it before I can

Oh, drama is brewing
between people who never have met
'Cause they both want the attention
that only translators of foreign porn can get

Scanlation Song
Now everyone sing it with me
As I wipe away
all this Japanese text I read
Replace it all with
barely cognitive English sentences
Then upload this disaster
onto the interwebs

...Is this even legal?
I don't know but I guess we'll find out
When someone from across the ocean
DMCAs all your links to take them down

...You're DMCA'd.
You're DMCA'd.
You're DMCAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'd.