Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lunch at Columbine [again]

• Link: [MediaFire]
(Note: Non-H)

Ohhh! The first scene from Nickelodeon [Green]!!
If you've yet to read Nickelodeon [Red], then I suggest you do that right now.

Thanks to a select few very generous donors last year, we've already seen this chapter, and a couple others. But this time I'm just going to translate them in the order they appear in.
Also, I'm pretty sure "Lunch at Columbine" was one of the files in my banned MediaFire account, so this will serve as a re-upload of sorts.

A few stories in [Green] really connected with me, but overall as a collection, I like [Red] slightly better. Though seriously, how can anything ever top Heart Food, High Heels/Sneakers,  and Phantom Pain in one book? Even so, the stories in this volume all still manage to have that ingenious, modern fairytale-like quality.



Title: Scene 1: Lunch at Columbine 「コロンバインで給食を」
Artist: Dowman Sayman (道満晴明)
Published in: Nickelodeon [Green] 「ニッケロデオン【緑】」