Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[News] C-C-C-Collab anyone!?

[Update] Thanks to the people who responded, collabs are now in motion!
If you'd still like to contact me anyway about collaborating sometime in the near future though, feel free to contact me!

Anyone wanna do a one-time scanlation collaboration!?

I'll translate, you clean/edit. Or something like that.

Click the [info] link if you wanna know more.


As long as the manga is Japanese>English, and no more than 30 pages, feel free to suggest anything.
It doesn't have to be H.
It'd be cool if you used photoshop.
Also, you have to be ok with the final project showing up here on this blog.
That's all.

For my side of things, I won't take any longer than 2 weeks from the start date. You can take as long as you want on cleaning/editing.
Or you can translate, and I'll clean. It's all cool with me.

If you be interested, drop me an e-mail!!